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Lean Six Sigma Training for Your Team

Boost Team Morale and Develop Your Team's Capabilities with Lean Six Sigma

If you manage a team, run a company, or work in HR you’ll know just how important it is to invest continually in your team’s professional development. We’ve seen a huge increase in businesses sending employees on Lean Six Sigma training courses.

Why Use Lean Six Sigma Training for Your Team?

It’s the kind of training that impacts a business directly. Lean Six Sigma is all about making savings, cutting out waste, and improving day-to-day processes. It’s a no-brainer for any organisation looking to boost productivity and increase profitability.

You need to be sure you’re choosing the right Lean Six Sigma training provider for your needs. You’ll know exactly what requirements your team and your business has.

Here are some key characteristics of our training:

  • Versatile Skills to Suit all Sectors

    No longer confined to the manufacturing and telecommunications industries, Lean Six Sigma has become popular in all sectors. Our training reflects this. We deliver training on skills that are applicable and useful in every business.

  • Recognised Certification

    Although we have a strong focus on giving participants Lean Six Sigma capability and confidence, we understand that calibre of certification is also important. We have chosen to offer certifications from respected, established providers.

  • Delivered by Experts

    Each of our Lean Six Sigma trainers is a fully qualified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Our trainers are approachable, practical, and have extensive experience in the field of Lean Six Sigma consultancy. They bring the benefit of this experience to every course they deliver.

  • Short, Focused Formats

    To avoid participants being away from their workplace for prolonged periods, we have designed our courses in short, focused formats.

Talk To Us About Your Team’s Needs

You can reach us at Freephone 1800 910 810, or 01 861 0700. Ask us anything about the course delivery, content, certification, and how it will work for your team.

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