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ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Begin your team’s journey into process improvement with this 3-day ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt programme. This training is perfect for those who want to provide their team with essential six sigma foundational skills, while also working towards a respected certification.

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ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Brochure
ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

This Yellow Belt training is available for in-company (on-site) training only. Training is delivered to your team, tailored around the goals and challenges your business faces. If you want to attend a public six sigma course, why not take a look at our Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course.

3 Days

Your Location

Flexible Dates

Who attends this ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training?

While some experience with process improvement is beneficial, there are no eligibility requirements for this Yellow Belt training. If your team are interested and engaged in the training, they will gain core six sigma understanding and tools.


ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Benefits

Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain by hosting this ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt training in your organisation:

Consistent Six Sigma Skills & Respected Certification

Delivering the same level and set of skills to your team is a major benefit of choosing in-company training. We tailor the course syllabus to incorporate elements that are relevant to your business. By achieving an internationally recognised certification, you’ll ensure that everyone possesses a similar standard of ability.

Process Improvement Skills & Sustainable Savings

Achieving process improvements and delivering savings are at the heart of any Six Sigma project or culture. By equipping your team with the ability to begin working like this, you’re setting your business up for better ways of doing things.

A More Engaged, Motivated Team

Six Sigma is about improvement, problem-solving, and new ideas. Teams that complete a six sigma in-company programme become enthusiastic about applying their new skills within their role.

Preparation for the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB) Exam

Each section of our ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt training includes a set of sample exam questions. Participants will also gain access to an online exam simulator to continue their preparation to take the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB) Exam.

Course Content

What is covered during this ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training?

Module 1 – Six Sigma Fundamentals

Six Sigma foundations and principles
Lean foundations and principles
Six Sigma roles and responsibilities
Team basics
types of teams
stages of development
decision-making tools: brainstorming, multivoting, nominal group technique (NGT)
communication methods
Quality tools and Six Sigma metrics
quality tools throughout the DMAIC process: pareto charts, cause and effect diagrams, flowcharts, run charts, check sheets, scatter diagram, histograms
Six Sigma metrics throughout the DMAIC process
defects per unit (DPU)
defects per million opportunities (DPMO)
rolled throughout yield
cycle time
cost of poor quality (COPQ)

Exam Questions and Answers

Module 2 – Define Phase

Project Identification

Voice of the Customer

Customer needs
Critical-to-quality (CTQ) characteristics

Project Management (PM) Basics

Project charter
Communication plan
Project planning
work breakdown structure (WBS)
Gantt charts
Project Management tools
activity network diagrams
affinity diagrams
matrix charts
relations charts
tree diagrams
Phase reviews
tollgate or phase reviews

Exam Questions and Answers

Module 3 – Measure Phase

Basic statistics

Central tendency
Measures of dispersion
standard deviation

Data Collection

Data collection plans
Qualitative and quantative data
Data collection techniques
check sheets

Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

MSA terms
Gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R)

Exam Questions and Answers

Module 4 – Analyze Phase

Process Analysis Tools

Lean tools
value analysis
Failure modes and effect analysis (FMEA)

Root cause analysis

5 whys
Process mapping
Force-field analysis
Matrix charts

Data Analysis

Basic distribution types
normal and binomial distributions
shapes (skewed and bimodal)
Common and special cause variation

Correlation and Regression

relationships between variables
how regression analysis is used to predict outcomes

Hypothesis Testing

Null and alternative
Type I and type II error
P-value and power

Exam Questions and Answers

Module 5 – Improve & Control Phase

Improvement Techniques

Kaizen and kaizen blitz
Plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle
Cost-benefit analysis

Control Tools and Documentation

Control plan
Control charts
X-R charts
Document control

Exam Questions and Answers

Course Overview

Training Objectives

There are 3 main objectives for this ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt programme. At the end of the programme, participants will:

  1. Understand the ASQ Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for Yellow Belts.
  2. Be confident in the foundational understanding of six sigma tools and techniques, and be able to contribute to process improvement initiatives within your business.
  3. Be prepared to take the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB) Exam.

Programme Format

This Yellow Belt training programme is divided into 2 sections:

Section 1: Attend our 3-day, focused workshop

Section 2: Self-Directed study period

When both sections are completed diligently by each participant, they prove a highly effective formula for ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB) exam success.


Frequently Asked Questions: ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

What is a “Six Sigma Yellow Belt”?

Yellow Belts are six sigma practitioners at the beginning of their process improvement journey, or people who need to understand six sigma at a foundational level.

Yellow Belt practitioners can contribute to projects led by Green and Black Belt practitioners.

What is ASQ?

ASQ, the American Society for Quality, is one of the leading Six Sigma organisations in the world. ASQ has members and qualification holders in more than 130 countries. An ASQ qualification is recognised and respected globally.

Is Yellow Belt certification essential for my team?

While certification is not mandatory for yellow belt training, it is strongly recommended. Working towards an exam provides each participant with focus and greater retention of the syllabus covered. Achieving a certification is a rewarding and motivating experience for everyone on your team.

Is this programme available to the public?

This programme is not available for individuals to attend. It is only available for group or in-company bookings. If you are interested in attending a public six sigma course, our Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course could be a great fit for you.

You can reach our team at Freephone 1800 910 810 (Monday – Thursday, 9.00am – 5.30pm, Friday 9.00 am – 5.00pm).

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ASQ Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Brochure

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