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Why Choose Us for Lean Six Sigma Training?

10 Reasons to Choose Us for Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma is the combination of 2 process improvement methods, Lean and Six Sigma. Although these methods can be used separately, they are often combined because of how incredibly effective they are when used together.

  1. Proven Track Record

    We have been one of Ireland’s premier training providers for over 28 years. During that time, we have been trusted by both individuals and organisations to deliver exceptional Lean Six Sigma training that makes an immediate impact.

  2. Training Delivered by Experts

    Our trainers are qualified Black Belts, who also bring a wealth of real-life experience in the field of Lean Six Sigma consultancy and process improvement.

  3. Complete Lean Six Sigma Solutions

    Some of our programmes, for example our Green Belt Programme include everything you need from training, to course materials, to certification in 1 competitive price.

  4. Study Materials and Online Resources

    Many of our programmes include access to extensive online study resources and supports. In the case of Black Belt Training, we also provide essential Sigma XL software and access to the ASQ exam simulator.

  5. Opportunity for Progression

    We’ve got each stage of your Lean Six Sigma training covered, from early stages with yellow and green belt training, to advanced international certification with our black belt programme.

  6. Lean Sigma Skills for the Real World

    Although we cover the theoretical elements of Lean Six Sigma in detail, our primary focus is always giving you skills that you can apply in any situation – skills that make an impact in the real world.

  7. Short, Intensive Courses for Best Results

    Over the years, we have tried and tested different course formats, resulting in the short, focused programmes we deliver today. You’ll find that even our longest course (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt) is delivered in efficient 3 and 2 day modules, making it easier to fit into your schedule, and enabling higher absorption of the course material.

  8. Reputable Certifications

    We choose certification that is both relevant and respected in today’s employment market. When deciding which providers to work with for external awards, we look at the syllabus and the reputation of the certification provider.

  9. We Understand Your Business Needs

    When delivering Lean Six Sigma as in-company training, we assess your challenges and priorities and then tailor our course content to address these needs.

  10. Expand Your Skill-set

    We have specialist trainers in a number of other relevant business areas including Management Skills, Project Management, and Coaching / Mentoring. When you feel ready to progress and enhance your Lean Six Sigma portfolio with a complimentary skill-set and certification, we can guide you towards your natural next step.

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