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Process Mapping Training

If you want to begin improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation, you must start by understanding its current processes. Utilising structured methods to map out these processes enables you to do this accurately.

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Process Mapping Training Brochure
Process Mapping Training

Process Mapping Training

Our 1-day Process Mapping Training is designed to equip your team with the skills and understanding they need to outline your current processes clearly and in detail. This workshop is only available for in-company (on-site) training.

1 Day

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Who is this Process Mapping Training Designed for?

There are no eligibility requirements for this training, but we recommend including anyone who will be involved with process improvement for your business.


Process Mapping Training Benefits

A Structured Approach to Process Mapping

Our workshop looks at the different types of process maps and their benefits, helping your team to develop the right approach for your organisation. Throughout the workshop, our trainer will work with your team to decide on the best structure for your process mapping needs.

Active Work on Live Processes

It is not essential, but is hugely beneficial to use an active example of a process you would like to map. This way, the approach you choose becomes more relevant, and you gain the added benefit of a training programme with constructive work on your business goals.

Advice & Guidance from an Experienced Practitioner

Our trainers have a wealth of experience with Lean and Six Sigma practices, including process mapping. They will guide your team each step of the way, advising on the most efficient options for your process mapping techniques.

Options for Development

This is available as a standalone lean six sigma training, or as part of a combined programme for continuous improvement. For example, you could combine this with Lean Problem Solving or with FMEA Training.

Course Content

What is covered during this Process Mapping Training?

Module 1

Workshop format and training context
Exploring the benefits of process mapping
Types of process maps
Challenges facing your team and organisation
Your role as a facilitator
Questioning and listening skills

Module 2

Identify processes to be mapped
Identify process changes (which will be agreed prior to the workshop start date)
The process of mapping, SIPOC, and swim lane
Map the current state processes as they are right now
SIPOC maps to establish high level process steps
Value stream maps

Module 3

Identify value add, necessary value add, and non value add activities
Analyse time and quality metrics
Root cause analysis
Summarising findings

Module 4

Group decision making techniques
Create future state value stream map
Identify impact of proposed changes on other processes
Identify impact of proposed changes on other functions

Course Overview

Customised Training for Your Team

In-company training is both focused and flexible. These 2 major benefits combine to make it a high-impact form of training: your team get the highest possible retention level.

As it is delivered to your team, who are already focused on the same goals and challenges, there is no time wasted establishing a baseline of goals or sample processes.

We work with you in advance of the course to pick a process to use for the training, so that we can tailor the content to fit your exact business goals.

You Choose the Training Date

Choose a training date that is least disruptive to your team’s productivity. We come to your location to deliver training, eliminating travel costs and time.


Frequently Asked Questions: Process Mapping Training

Is this training available for individuals to attend?

No, this training is only available for in-company bookings. We do, however, offer a public course that covers a little about process mapping along with a comprehensive Lean Six Sigma toolkit. You can learn about our Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course by clicking here.

Are there any eligibility requirements for this training?

No experience is required for this Process Mapping Training. It is recommended to include anyone who will be involved in process mapping and, if possible, members of the leadership team.

Is there an exam?

This is a practical workshop. There is no exam.

Do I need to use a live process for the training?

It is not essential to use a live process for this workshop, but it is very beneficial for the participants’ understanding. It also serves to maximise the productivity of the training, but making active progress on an task you will need to complete anyway.

You can reach our team at Freephone 1800 910 810 (Monday – Thursday, 9.00am – 5.30pm, Friday 9.00 am – 5.00pm).

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Process Mapping Training Brochure

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