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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma in a nutshell: Improve Processes, Cut Costs, Deliver Savings

What is Lean Six Sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma: Lean Six Sigma is the combination of 2 process improvement methods, Lean and Six Sigma. Although these methods can be used separately, they are often combined because of how incredibly effective they are when used together.

What is Lean

Lean targets waste. It originated in the manufacturing industry as an approach for streamlining production by eliminating any unnecessary or wasteful elements of the production process.

Lean focuses on efficient work without compromise on quality.

You may also hear Lean being referred to as “Lean Management” or “Lean Culture”.

What is Six Sigma

Many refer to Six Sigma as “problem solving”. When you boil it down to a simple definition, that’s exactly what Six Sigma is.

Six Sigma is used to identify flaws or defects in a process, and to correct them. It tackles a problem (or potential problem) at the root, so that it can be prevented or resolved.

Combining Lean and Six Sigma

To summarise, using Lean will reduce the waste in producing a product or service, and using Six Sigma will minimise any defects or problems with your product or service.

It will cut your overall costs, resulting in savings. It will boost efficiency and productivity, which leads to increased profits.

Benefits of using Lean Six Sigma:

  • Reduce Waste
  • Cut Costs, Make Savings
  • Improve Processes
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Revenue
  • Better Team Collaboration

Sounds Simple and Practical… Why do I need training?

While the concept behind Lean Six Sigma is very simple and seems like common sense, implementing it takes skill and a thorough knowledge of the different systems and techniques involved in both methodologies.

Lean Six Sigma Courses will give you a theoretical and practical understanding, along with a level of confidence in your capability to implement Lean and Six Sigma.

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